Mineral oil, is a type of colorless, odorless, and light mixture of organic alkanes from a mineral source, especially oil distillation, which is a vegetable oil. They are specifically edible, they know differently.

Mineral oil is a special oil for electrical insulation with very low concentration (SAE 3-5), without color, completely clear, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic, and used for various purposes since ancient times, such as electric radiators.

Mineral or mineral oil has been used for more than a decade to cool large servers and electronic circuits that generate a lot of heat, and has been used for about three years to cool and silence GPU ant miners and pebbles, as well as Prevents dust, dirt, and degradation of miners’ heatsinks.

This oil does not rot in any way and does not react with the coating of wires, polymer parts and electronic elements. If it gets dirty, it can be filtered.

The shelf life of this oil is about one to three years depending on the storage conditions.

Kian Group International Company is the largest supplier and exporter of petroleum products in Turkey, which with the cooperation of its representative in Iran, Kian Petroleum Company, is able to supply various oil, mineral and steel products directly from the doors of Iranian factories.

Properties of mineral oil

This product can completely eliminate the sound of fans of minor devices. It is also used to prevent the accumulation of dust in minor devices.

It is interesting to know that this product is completely safe and has electrical insulation, and in addition to being used for mining equipment, it is also used for other large equipment, for example: for boilers.

Genuine Mineral Oil can easily increase the speed of your fans and increase the speed of the Miner device.

Miner devices are expensive and some users use high-speed and high-speed cooling fans (air-cooled) to increase their speed. Instead, you can use Mineral Oil for your devices so that It will also be much more economical.

How much mineral oil is needed for each ASIC device?

In response, it should be said that depending on the type of single or multiple use and the volume of the tank and radiator, approximately between 15 to 20 liters are required for each ASIC Mineral Oil device.

In general, the higher the amount of oil, the greater the heat absorption capacity and the heat dissipation will be better and faster, ie consuming 20 liters of oil is better than consuming 15 liters of oil.

The name mineral oil itself is not accurate, because over the past few centuries, it has been used in terms of a particular oil. Other names, which are similarly inaccurate, include terms such as white oil, paraffin oil, and liquid paraffin (a high-grade refined drug for medical use).

In other cases, mineral oil is a by-product of the refining of crude oil for the production of gasoline and other petroleum products. This mineral oil is a kind of clear and enriched oil that is strongly affected. Alkanes and cycloclans have been created, which is related to petroleum jelly. The density of mineral oil is about 0.8-0.87 grams per cubic centimeter.

History of mineral oil

Before the late nineteenth century, the science of chemistry to determine such an arrangement in the absence of. A similar lexical situation has occurred for the term white metal.

“Mineral oil”, which is widely and cheaply sold in the United States, is not sold in the same way in the United Kingdom. Instead, English pharmacists use the terms “paraffinum perliquidum” for light mineral oil and “paraffinum liquidum” or “paraffinium subliquidium” (paraffinum subliquidili). do. The term “liquid paraffinium” appears in the list of ingredients in baby oils and cosmetics. Use the term “white mineral oil” in English fragrances. In psychotherapy oil, according to the American Petroleum Monitor Group (API), worldwide, it is called mineral oil because of the presence of foods in groups 1 to 2, and in some cases, because of the presence of foods in groups 3.

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