Liquid oxygen is a liquid form of oxygen gas, which is blue in indigo color and has various medical, industrial and laboratory uses. It is used in the aerospace industry as an oxidizing agent for spacecraft propulsion engines. The oxygen condensate temperature is about -182 ° C.

Liquid oxygen and steel industry

Another application of liquid oxygen is in the steel industry. One of the most widely used liquid oxygen industries is the military industry. It is another place of oxygen consumption in welding, cutting and laser industries. Due to the high consumption of this gas, these industries buy oxygen in liquid form, store it in cryogenic tanks, turn it into gas, and finally use oxygen in the gas phase.

Oxygen at standard temperature and pressure is a gas that contains two oxygen atoms with the chemical formula O2. Oxygen is an important element of air and is produced through the photosynthesis of plants and is necessary for animals to breathe. The word oxygen is made up of the two Greek words Oxus (sour) and Gennan (fertility), which means something from which pickle is made.

Liquid and solid oxygen are pale blue and both are highly paramagnetic. Liquid oxygen is usually obtained by the partial distillation of liquid air. The volume percentage of oxygen is 20%.

The density of liquid oxygen is equal to 1141 kg per cubic meter, so one liter (one thousandth of a cubic meter) of liquid oxygen will be equal to 1.141 kg.

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Physical information of liquid oxygen

How to produce liquid oxygen?

It is usually done from the surrounding air by devices that suck the available air and by compressing and lowering the temperature to -183 degrees Celsius.

Liquid oxygen storage

A liquid oxygen tank or flask is used to store this cold liquid.

They are tightly insulated so that the oxygen tank does not have any heat exchange with the outside.

Oxygen tank is available in 2.5 liter to 800 liter sizes.

All tanks have the standard accepted by the Iranian standard and are tested and approved by inspection companies.

Liquid oxygen tank (oxygen tank) has European TUV standard.

Applications of liquid oxygen

In applications of space shuttles and rockets and space shuttles, rockets, Apollo, spacecraft, etc., this liquid is used as an oxidizing fuel in such a way that it plays a role in combining liquid hydrogen with kerosene. Plays stimulants and elevators.

This liquid is referred to in industry as an industrial gas that has a wide range of applications.

It also covers a wide range in the medical field.

This liquid is widely used in the manufacture of explosives.

Safety Tips When Using Liquid Oxygen

Here are some basic things to know about liquid oxygen:

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