With the start of gas supply to Kish Island and the connection of the island’s power plant to the national gas network, 500 million liters of diesel fuel will be consumed annually in the country, and the return on investment will be 320 million dollars per year, including the price of 54 cents per liter of diesel fuel and the price per cubic meter of gas is 26 cents.

The plan to transfer gas to the Kish Island power plant will be put into operation with the presence of the Minister of Petroleum. This action, in addition to saving the country’s diesel consumption, will also greatly reduce the environmental effects.

Gas supply to Kish Island power plant

By supplying gas to Kish power plant, 1.4 million liters of diesel fuel will be used less daily and 500 million liters of diesel fuel will be avoided during the year.

Considering the price of 54 cents per liter of diesel, Iran will save 270 million dollars from this place.

This is despite the fact that a total of 350 million dollars has been invested for the implementation of gas supply to Kish Island, and in less than 2 years, it is possible to reduce the consumption of liquid fuel in the power plant of this island, and considering the fixed oil prices, this investment returned.

But this was not all the economic advantage for the implementation of this project. By connecting Kish Island to the stable nationwide gas network, clean and sustainable energy supply and reduction of adverse environmental effects will be created.

In addition, with this pipeline, it is possible to develop urban, industrial, service, hotel and residential gas networks in Kish.

It was also expected to save and release more than 7 thousand tons of liquid gas with the development of gas supply to Kish.

Eliminating the cost of 150 billion tomans of diesel transportation and eliminating the cost of liquefied gas transportation of 4 billion tomans to Kish per year will be among the other achievements of gas supply to Kish.

On the other hand, with the development of gas supply in Kish, it is possible to build a CNG station for fueling cars and vessels.

Preventing liquid fuel smuggling is one of the other achievements that can be mentioned.


Kian Group International Company is the largest supplier and exporter of petroleum products in Turkey, which with the cooperation of its representative in Iran , Kian Petroleum Company, is able to supply various oil, mineral and steel products directly from the doors of Iranian factories.

Fuel supply for Kish island power plants

Gas transmission plan to power plants on Kish island in order to supply fuel to Kish power plants using the infrastructure of phase one development plan of Kish field from January 2017 under the responsibility of the employer Pars Oil and Gas Company, the construction of gas transmission pipelines, related stations and a string 127 km long optical fiber cable was made.

From the 127 kilometers of the pipeline that was built, the 56-inch land pipeline is the distance of the 7th national gas line in the Bestak region to the point of connection with the 32-inch pipeline near the coast of Bandar Aftab, which is 94 kilometers long, including the sending and receiving stations of Topek. And the number of stations is six.

Also, the sea and land pipeline of 32 inches from Bandar Aftab to the connection point to the pressure reduction station on Kish Island, along with two gas stations located on the shores of Bandar Aftab and Kish on the sides of the submarine pipeline, including 1.5 km of pipeline on the side of Bandar Aftab , 19 km of submarine pipeline and 3.5 km on the Kish side have been completed in the form of two separate contracts by Maroonkaran companies and Iranian marine facilities, respectively.

The 20-inch land supply pipeline between the pressure reduction station and the Kish Island power plant, with a length of approximately 9 kilometers, was handed over to Iran’s National Gas Company.

The investment amount of 350 million dollars of this project has been financed from gas supply cross-sale contracts, and the investment made will be reimbursed from the savings resulting from the replacement of gas with liquid fuels.

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