LPG fuel station


Liquefied Petroleum Gas is the two hydrocarbon gases of butane and propane, or a combination thereof, that are kept in a liquid state.

Usually small amounts of compounds such as propylene and butylene are also present in liquefied petroleum gas.

LPG is mostly used for heating applications and as a fuel for vehicles. It is also used in the manufacture of sprays and as a cooling gas in refrigeration appliances such as refrigerators and freezers.

LPG fuel station

In many European countries, liquified petroleum gas (LPG) has become an indispensable part of the fuel supply as an inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional petrol.

LPG is generally available as propane or, in some cases, as a mixture of propane and butane.

Liquefied petroleum gas as an alternative fuel is considerably more widely available than CNG.

Throughout Europe, UTA LPG is available at over 12.400 LPG fuel stations. This puts LPG at the top of the list of alternative fuels in terms of availability.

LPG fuel station

Kian Group International Company is the largest supplier and exporter of petroleum products in Turkey, which with the cooperation of its representative in Iran , Kian Petroleum Company, is able to supply various oil, mineral and steel products directly from the doors of Iranian factories.

LPG is less expensive and better for the environment

LPG is cheaper than petrol and has some key advantages over diesel. One is that petrol engine technology is fundamentally simpler and therefore less costly to maintain. It’s enough to make diesel drivers think twice.

LPG cars do not have to be bought new; the conversion of existing, petrol-engined vehicles to LPG is not inexpensive, but neither is it complicated .

How much is LPG – and how expensive is the conversion?

LPG costs between 50 and 60 cents/litre and is thus considerably cheaper than CNG. However, due to the lower energy content of LPG compared to natural gas, consumption is around 20% higher than a petrol car.  Nevertheless, the range of an LPG car is greater than that of a vehicle running on natural gas.

The reason is the lower energy density of natural gas, which results in smaller tank quantities for the same tank size. When converting to an LPG system, an approach that is more popular than buying new, the LPG tank is installed in the boot. The cost of converting to LPG can be up to €3,500 depending on the vehicle.

What are the advantages of LPG – and what are the disadvantages?

If you are planning to purchase an LPG vehicle, you should weigh up the advantages and disadvantages.​



Uses of LPG

LPG is used in many places where it is not possible to use other sources because it is easily transportable.

Hundreds of millions of people now use LPG and depend on it for thousands of applications in commercial, industrial, transportation, agricultural, power generation, cooking, heating and recreational purposes.

LPG has a wide range of applications, mainly for cylinders in various markets as an efficient fuel container in agriculture, recreation, hospitality, industry, construction, sailing and fishing. It can be used as cooking fuel, central heating and water heating, and is a particularly cost-effective and efficient way to heat off-grid homes.

Kian International Group Company is the largest exporter of LPG in Iran and the representative of Kian Petroleum Company in Iran to supply and supply all products of the Energy Exchange and Iran Commodity Exchange for various uses of industries and by selling products of the Energy Exchange and Iran. Commodity Exchange in Ring International, while meeting the needs of customers in foreign markets, has provided the possibility of offering a variety of steel products at competitive prices to domestic and foreign markets, which shows the high potential of the company in the field of steel.

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