Petroleum products

The oil industry is an important and key industry. On the one hand, oil provides the main fuel needed by industrial and production centers, and on the other hand, many petrochemical products are obtained as a result of oil processing in refineries.

In refineries, different parts of crude oil are separated and other usable products are produced. According to the International Journal of Oil and Gas, there are over 6,000 petroleum products, most of which are used in our daily lives, and perhaps few people know about their relationship to oil.

The publication considers the main petroleum products including gasoline, oil condensate including diesel fuel, jet fuel, petrochemical industry raw materials, asphalt, various waxes and various types of lubricating oils and writes: “Out of 42 gallons of crude oil, more than “45 gallons of petroleum products are produced in the United States, and this process takes place in developed and advanced refineries in this country.”

The first and main petroleum product is gasoline, which is widely used in the world economy, but diesel and jet fuels are also other important oil products. On the other hand, LPG, asphalt and bitumen are also among the petroleum products.

It should be noted that petroleum products are used in all areas of our lives. Plastics and plastic materials are one of these consumer products and life is impossible without these products, and making all kinds of car, motorcycle and bicycle tires is another part of the goods that are produced as a result of oil processing in refineries. The liquids used to clean surfaces these days are petroleum products, and a variety of diodorants and inks are petroleum products.

The largest oil trading companies in Iran

In the ranking of companies, in addition to the “sales volume” index, 32 other indicators are measured. Due to the generality of the list of top companies in Iran and the variety of companies to homogenize the sales figure, the total operating income of the company is included. The results of the ranking based on 31 industrial groups also indicate that in terms of sales (income) of the group of banks and credit institutions with 17.9% share in the first place, the group of petroleum products with 17.5% share in the second place and the group Petrochemical is in third place with 14% share.

In recent years, there are many oil trading companies in the country, the largest oil trading companies in Iran can be Kian Petroleum International Company along with major Iranian oil companies such as Ghadir Petrochemical Company and Abadan Petrochemical Company.

Kian Group International Company is the largest supplier and exporter of petroleum products in Turkey, which with the cooperation of its representative in Iran, Kian Petroleum Company, is able to supply various oil, mineral and steel products directly from the doors of Iranian factories.

Kian Petroleum International Company is the largest exporter of petroleum products to countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, Armenia and China. It is also engaged in direct communication with the units producing oil products in Iran, while responding to customers inside Iran and with the cooperation of its representative in Turkey (Kian Group), taking over a part of oil, gas and petrochemical exports.

Kian Petroleum Oil Services Company intends to continuously increase human capital and attract qualified and efficient people on the one hand and adopt standard processes in the field of business, its share in trade, various oil, gas, petrochemical products, petroleum products And increase the country’s minerals, food and fuel.

Kian Petroleum Holding also believes that the implementation of the above mission will be possible by observing principles such as system thinking, honesty and work discipline, adherence to rules, expertise and knowledge-based, meritocracy, continuous improvement, creativity, innovation and participatory management.

Ranking of leading companies

IMI-100 ranking introduces 10 leading companies in Iran’s economy every year. The main criterion in selecting these companies is “the change in the sales rank of the companies during the last four years”. Based on this criterion, a list of companies is prepared and refined according to the following criteria.

🔹 Existence of company information in the IMI-100 ranking for at least the last 3 years
🔹 Loss of non-loss of the company
🔹 No negative change in the company sales rating in the last year

Highest sales rating

Among the top companies in this sector, Isfahan Oil Refining Company won the first rank and Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Companies also succeeded in discovering the third rank.

Also, Engineering Design Company and Supply of Parts and Chemicals of Petrochemical Industries and Petrochemical Trading Company, along with Pardis, Khark and Mobin Petrochemicals, had the highest sales compared to last year.

Also, among the new companies in the list of top 100 companies of Engineering Design and Supply of Parts and Chemicals of Petrochemical Industries, Khark Petrochemical, Petrochemical Trading and Razi Petrochemical Holding for the first time are among the top 100 companies.

Most exports

Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company gained the first rank of the most exports and Nouri Petrochemical with the third rank and Pars and Bandar Imam Petrochemicals the fourth and fifth ranks in terms of the most exports in 1990.

According to this report , in 1990 , Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company was ranked third, which this year won first place, and last year Nouri Petrochemical Company was ranked 21st, Pars Petrochemical was ranked 38th and Bandar Imam Petrochemical was ranked 27th. This year, due to the growth of production and exports, they have gained top rankings.

Introducing the largest trading companies in the world

In its latest report, Forbes economics magazine named the world’s largest trading companies, with Japanese companies ranked at the top of the list.In this ranking, the Japanese company Toyota Tsushu with $ 69.1 billion was named the largest trading company in the world, and the other two Japanese companies named Mitsubishi Corp and Mitsui & Co. were second and third with sales of 62.6 and 56.3 billion dollars, respectively. Three other Japanese companies, Sujitz, Marobeni, Itocho and Sumitomo Korp, also came in fourth to tenth.

A total of 17 trading companies are among the 2,000 largest companies. Japan has the largest number of large trading companies in the world with eight companies. In terms of market value in the ranking announced by Forbes, the first place is allocated to Mitsubishi Corp with a market value of $ 39.7 billion. In terms of profitability, Mitsubishi Corp. topped the list with $ 5.6 billion, and in terms of assets, Mitsubishi Corp. once again ranked first among the world’s trading companies.

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