Iso-butane, also known as isobutene or methylpropane, is a highly versatile chemical compound that plays a critical role in various industrial applications. As a derivative of butane, iso-butane exhibits excellent properties making it ideal for use in several key sectors.

Applications of Iso-Butane

Iso-butane is utilized across multiple industries due to its effectiveness and efficiency. Here are some of the primary uses:

  1. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: Iso-butane serves as an eco-friendly refrigerant, known for its low global warming potential, making it a preferred choice in the refrigeration industry for both domestic and commercial systems.
  2. Aerosol Propellant: Due to its low toxicity and suitable vapor pressure, iso-butane is widely used as a propellant in aerosol sprays, including cosmetic products such as hair sprays, shaving creams, and air fresheners.
  3. Chemical Synthesis: It is employed as a feedstock in the production of isobutylene, which is further used to manufacture synthetic rubber, lubricants, and other specialty chemicals.
  4. Fuel Additive: Iso-butane enhances the octane rating in fuels, improving the overall efficiency of combustion engines.
  5. Pharmaceuticals: In the pharmaceutical industry, iso-butane is utilized in the manufacture of various medicinal products, serving as a solvent or carrier.

Kian Group’s Role

Kian Group, representing Kian Petroleum from Iran, specializes in the direct supply of iso-butane from our dedicated mini-refinery in Yazd. Equipped with a specialized gas logistics fleet, we are committed to exporting and providing iso-butane tailored to the needs of global industries. Our strategic location and advanced logistics capabilities allow us to offer reliable, efficient, and timely deliveries, ensuring that industries receive high-quality iso-butane for their manufacturing processes.

At Kian Group, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and environmental compliance, making us a trusted partner in the global industrial landscape. Our mission is to support industries in achieving their operational efficiencies by providing them with premium iso-butane that meets their specific requirements.

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